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A key player of the Place de Bordeaux
Chai des Chartreux
Founded in 1992 by Sébastien Duvignac, Chai des Chartreux –named after Les Chartrons, the renowned historic Wine Merchant district in Bordeaux– gradually became a key player of the Place de Bordeaux, Bordeaux’s wine trade industry. The company is now owned by Groupe SAS Réginald Investissement, whose registered capital amounts to 3,963,400 euros. Specialised in Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés and En Primeur wine trading, Chai des Chartreux has secured allocations with all the greatest Châteaux of the region of Bordeaux. Thanks to its history beyond reproach and consistent professionalism, our brand is now recognised for its unique quality of service. We give particular, customized care to each of our customers’ requests.
17th & 18th
The city of Bordeaux experiences unprecedented economic growth thanks to the trade of wine and colonial trade.
18th Century
With the emergence of new trades – Wine Merchants and Brokers – The Place de Bordeaux begins to structure itself and becomes a complex, independent system that is completely unique in France. The Place de Bordeaux now includes around 200 wine merchants.
The famous Classification of 1855 is established on the occasion of the Paris Universal Exhibition, at the request of Napoleon III. This classification lists and ranks all the Grands Crus Classés of each region in France, notably the region of Bordeaux.
Chai des Chartreux is founded by Sébastien Duvignac. A genuine “outsider” in its early years, the company gradually made a name for itself and became one of the key Wine Merchants of the Place de Bordeaux.

    A passion for Wine

    Venturing into the trade of wine is said to be impossible if you are not one of the historic players of the Place de Bordeaux. However, such was the challenge that Sébastien Duvignac and his wife decided to take up together. “Make of your life a dream, and of a dream, a reality”, said Saint‑Exupéry. Both driven by their passion for Bordeaux wines, Sébastien Duvignac and his wife now fully enjoy and share this incredible adventure.

    A unique vision of Wine Trading Our strength

    Firmly committed to strive for excellence on a daily basis, Chai des Chartreux has developed over the last 30 years a trusted, human-centred relationship with its customers and partners as well as a genuine expertise in Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés. We also make a point of providing our customers with a yearly selection of rare wines discovered by our team and destined to become the great wines of tomorrow.
    • En Primeur allocations from the most renowned Grands Crus Classés of the Bordeaux region
    • An innate sense of service
    • A trusting relationship with each of our customers and partners
    • Tailored VIP services
    • Flawless tracking and traceability of all products
    • Privileged access to rare vintages and wines

    Chai des Chartreux Behind the scenes

    Our entire stock of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés is stored at our 4,100m² warehouse located in Cavignac, around 40 minutes away from Bordeaux. Each wine case is checked by our team when it enters and leaves our cellars, and carefully tracked through IT technologies and video surveillance. Our warehouse is fully secured and constantly maintained at a temperature of 14°C.
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    Order rare wines in optimum conditions

    Besides selling the finest wines of Bordeaux, available in a wide variety of bottles, Chai des Chartreux has also developed a number of VIP services for businesses and individuals. If you wish to benefit from customised assistance and expert advice throughout the year, contact us and tell us about your preferences: we will find the most remarkable wines for you.
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